High-Quality Care Without the Red Tape

Concierge primary care at Ally Internal Medicine puts the patient first. It gives you fast, direct access to your primary care team, abolishes the “turnstile”-like care of “big health,” and creates a true, comfortable patient-doctor relationship, as it should be.


  • Same-Day or Next-Day Appointments
  • 24/7 Physician Access
  • Unrushed Appointments
  • A Comfortable, Friendly Atmosphere
  • Patient-First Service (Not Insurance-First)
  • Direct Access to Expert Care
  • A Long-Term Vision for Your Health
  • Optimized Local Pharmacy Partnership
  • Short-Term Acute Care

To join the Ally Internal Medicine family, simply pay an annual membership fee.

All of the services provided at Ally are direct pay and have zero affiliation with insurance companies or health systems, which means every decision is for the betterment of the patient. That said, we do encourage patients to maintain insurance for emergencies and non-primary care needs.

What is concierge medicine?

Ally Internal Medicine is a membership-based medical practice. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our patients through delivery of personalized, timely care and to work closely with each patient to help him/her achieve their individual health goals.  While receiving medical care can be stressful, your time at Ally Internal Medicine will be as stress-free as possible. Your appointments will be unrushed in an inviting and calming setting.

Your membership with Ally Internal Medicine will include:

  • 24/7 Access by phone, email or telehealth visit
  • Priority Same day/Next day appointments
  • 1 Yearly physical + 1 visit per quarter
  • Personalized care
  • No wait times
  • House calls/business calls/hospital visits

Does Ally Internal Medicine take insurance?

Ally Internal Medicine is cash-based, and insurance is not accepted. This model allows Dr. Smith more time with patients and a more personalized health care experience that is not currently offered in most doctors offices. Ally internal medicine encourages its patients to continue with high deductible insurance coverage for un-planned events, labs, imaging and specialist visits.

Does Ally Internal Medicine accept Medicare/Medicaid?

Ally Internal Medicine sees Medicare/Medicaid patients but has no affiliation with Medicare/Medicaid. Ally internal Medicine has “opted out” of these programs and will require all Medicare/Medicaid patients to sign a waiver stating they understand that Medicare/Medicaid will not be billed for primary care services received at Ally Internal Medicine. However, Medicare/Medicaid can still be used for labs, imaging, specialist visits and hospitalizations.

What if a patient requires a specialist care?

Over the years Dr. Smith has developed relationships with other professional colleagues, including physical therapists, pharmacies, lab services, and specialty physicians. Not being tied to one healthcare system will allow Dr. Smith to refer patients to these individuals, who he feels will best serve the patient’s medical needs. 

What if a patient needs hospitalization?

At Ally Internal Medicine, Dr. Smith’s main goal is to keep his patients healthy and out of the hospital. In the case that a patient does have to be hospitalized, Dr. Smith will coordinate your care at the hospital system.

How do I pay for my Ally Internal Medicine membership?

When a patient is ready to join Ally Internal Medicine, you can pay for your membership fee by check, bank transfer, debit or credit card.